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The AGENCY Ranked 2024 Best Digital Marketing Agency & Best Business Consultants in Chicago 

For the 2nd Consecutive Year, The AGENCY Has Won a Pair of Prestigious Awards

The AGENCY is honored to announce that we have recently been ranked as the best digital marketing agency and the best business consultants in Chicago, winning out over larger firms because of our record of excellence, our client-first approach, and our uncompromising commitment to delivering the best possible results for our clients every single day.

Earning these illustrious distinctions two years in a row, The AGENCY has become a premier partner of choice for fitness, wellness, and health brands that are searching for:

  • Custom strategies, packages, and solutions, all geared towards amplifying their brand and overcoming their unique challenges

  • Exceptional results, positioning fitness, health, and wellness businesses for increasing visibility, more leads, and optimal growth in any niche and in the industry as a while

Expertise, the review authority that puts out fresh rankings each year, awarded The AGENCY the following recognitions in 2024

The AGENCY is deeply proud to accept these highly coveted distinctions, standing out as the top winner in two highly competitive categories that have thousands of applicants vying for a top three ranking. 

Why We Won the 2024 Best Digital Marketing Agency & Best Business Consultants Awards

Expertise conducts in-depth reviews of any company in the running to win its B2B service provider awards, combing through third-party reviews, colleague statements, interviews, industry guidance, regulator records, and more to identify the finalists from among the cream of the crop. 

From there, Expertise may reach out to talk to former clients, question finalists, and carry out some additional screenings to determine the top three businesses across several professional service niches. 

The AGENCY was named the Best Digital Marketing Agency and the Best Business Consultants in Chicago in 2024.

With a mission to provide effective solutions and fuel mind-blowing growth and success, The AGENCY works with brands in nearly every facet of the fitness, health, and wellness sectors. That includes (and is not limited to) providing digital marketing and business consulting for: 

The AGENCY Named Best Digital Marketing Agency in Chicago in 2024

  • Gyms and fitness studios

  • Personal trainers and workout instructors

  • Yoga and Pilates studios

  • Masseurs 

  • Chiropractors

  • Physical therapists 

  • Wellness service providers

For these and other businesses, The AGENCY offers 360° digital marketing services, strategies, reporting, and consulting, with a variety of value-focused packages designed to meet distinct and evolving needs. While every solution is tailored to fit a given brand, our services generally are focused on:

  • Developing and amplifying newer fitness, health, and wellness brands

  • Growing establishing brands, putting them in wider spaces for next-level exposure

  • Meeting brands' lead gen needs, fueling growth and visibility in the digital space

  • Boosting revenue and customer loyalty while gaining a greater market share

As true specialists who know how to hit the ground running, The AGENCY specializes in what it takes to achieve extraordinary success in digital marketing and in the fitness, health, and wellness industry in general. That’s why we offer the following services and solutions.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing for Fitness, Health & Wellness Brands

The AGENCY crafts sophisticated, innovative digital marketing plans, custom-made to perfectly fit our clients' needs, objectives, and market niches.

From establishing and growing a brand’s presence online to rebranding, increasing conversions, or launching new campaigns (like email marketing), The AGENCY can stand at the helm and steer digital marketing into all-new spaces, with opportunities for unparalleled exposure, connection, and growth.

Brand Development & Consulting

Branding Services for Fitness, Health & Wellness Brands

The AGENCY is home to trusted brand experts who have launched, relaunched, and grown a plethora of fitness, health, and wellness brands. 

Skilled at dialing into brand voice, mission, and goals, our experienced branding team works closely with individuals and teams to create assets like (and not limited to):

  • Effective messaging and calls to action

  • Branded visuals

  • Websites

  • Logos

With our branding services, companies in Chicago and across the nation can stand in new spaces, engage with their ideal audience, and grow their presence and reach in ways they never could before.

Social Media Management

The AGENCY provides full-service, turnkey social media services for fitness, health, and wellness brands.

Taking this critical element of modern digital marketing off of our clients’ plates, our social media marketing team can handle everything necessary to bring your brand to life on today’s most popular social media channels, including (and not limited to): 

Social Media Marketing for Fitness Brands
  • Instagram

  • TikTok

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn

  • Google Business

Our social media services can take new, growing, and even “behind-the-times” brands into social media, overseeing: 

  • Profile creation and optimization 

  • Social media marketing plans

  • Social media posts, with images, well-written text, hashtags, and more

  • Reporting, so you know exactly how your social media posts perform

Whether you’re looking to showcase your brand on social media for the first time or it’s time to hand off or revive your existing campaigns, you can rely on The AGENCY for thoughtful plans, timely posting, and smarter strategies for success. 

SEO Services

SEO for Fitness, Health & Wellness Brands

The AGENCY has a savvy SEO team, with experts who have a longstanding record of boosting online visibility for all sorts of fitness, wellness, and health brands.

Leveraging a dynamic combination of on-site and off-site strategies, we are ready to put together your brand’s SEO plan for driving more traffic — and more qualified leads and brand-new customers — right to your digital front door.

From keyword research and competitive analyses to content creation, site speed, backlinks, and more, we have all of your SEO needs covered, and we can set your brand up for more rewarding results in organic search.

Business Consulting & More

Business Consulting for Fitness, Health & Wellness Brands

Beyond the above offerings, The AGENCY also provides a range of additional services, such as (and not limited to): 

  • Website design and redesign

  • Email marketing

  • Paid advertising

  • Influencer marketing

  • Events-based marketing

The AGENCY is truly honored to win multiple Expertise awards for the second consecutive year. We will continue to uphold the finest standards of service while providing our clients in Chicago, New York, and across the U.S. with some of the best digital marketing and business consulting services available nationwide.

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