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Health & Fitness Brand Consulting

Turnkey Branding & Consulting Solutions
for Fitness & Health Businesses & Professionals


Smarter Branding & Consulting for Fitness Pros

Supercharge your fitness business and elevate your brand with systems, training, resources, and other valuable assets from true pros who understand branding, business development, marketing, and what it really takes to launch and elevate fitness brands. Backed by real-world expertise in the fitness industry and the mechanics of business, we offer the guidance, support, and solutions that can fuel extraordinary success.


That's why more and more trainers, gyms, fitness studios, and others are trusting our fitness business consultants on all key areas of branding and business development, including (but not limited to): 


Studio Buildout Consulting

Instructor Training


Instructor Brand Coaching

Signature Program Development

We offer New-to-Business and Growth Packages, crafted to fit the distinct needs of different brands. Explore below for more on what our packages entail — and don't hesitate to contact us for a strategy session and more answers today!

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Get Started: New-to-Business Marketing Package

Launch your fitness brand or wellness business with key strategies, programs, training, and resources that are essential to hitting the ground running and seeing success right out of the gate!


The AGENCY specializes in working with fitness and health entrepreneurs and business leaders who are new to the industry and who are serious about setting their ventures up for optimal success.

Our New-to-Business Package includes a powerful combination of fitness branding and consulting services, with custom offerings and priceless support, some of which is detailed below.


If you're new to the fitness industry or if you're breaking out into a new area of this ever-changing space, our New-to-Business Package is for you. With comprehensive solutions delivered by some of the savviest fitness branding consultants, nearly any brand can see better results faster and hit their goals in breakneck time!

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Level-Up Your Fitness Brand: Our Growth Package

Turbocharge your fitness brand or wellness business with more intelligent branding strategies and solutions from The AGENCY. As fitness experts with vast experience in branding and consulting, we have proven expertise and time-tested tactics that can ignite exceptional growth for small, mid-sized, and large businesses, as well as emerging and growing brands.


Our Growth Package, though designed to be tailored to your unique circumstances and goals, includes the following fitness branding and consulting services.


If you're intent on fast-tracking success and maximizing results, our Growth Package is for you and your fitness brand. It's the key to unlocking better performance and amplifying any fitness brand.

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Fitness Sales Consulting

Flip the switch to start getting more inquiries, better-qualified leads, and valuable brand exposure with fitness sales consulting services from The AGENCY.


Our team has proven sales strategies and deep experience in advancing sales leaders and teams while putting them on track to achieve, close, and sell MORE — regardless of how new or established a brand may be and with stand-out tactics, campaigns, and solutions that really work.


 That's true for brands associated with gyms, fitness studios, yoga studios, pilates studios, and other fitness businesses. But don't take our word for it — find out for yourself by reaching out today!

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